2020 Election Profile: Scott Zambarano, RI State Senate District 31

Saturday, September 05, 2020

GoLocalProv News Team

Meet Scott Zambarano who is running for election in Senate District 31 (Warwick).

Read what he has to say about why he is running for office.

This is part of an ongoing series by GoLocal featuring each of the candidates for House and Senate.


1.  What do you think is the biggest political issue this campaign season in Rhode Island? 

I believe the state budget will be biggest issue because of the lack of revenue due to COVID-19.  In addition, at this point in time the state seems to be waiting for the federal government to solve its dilemma.  Rhode Island generally doesn’t have a revenue problem but always has a spending problem. This year we have both. Additionally, the local municipalities rely on money from the state and they are also in a conundrum.  Unfortunately, Rhode Island has continued to expand its budget with tax and fee increases always at the expense of the taxpayer.  This has to be the year that we take a more conservative approach on how we deal with state finances. Our citizens are hurting and can’t afford any increases.  I am a strong proponent of zero-based-budgeting.  We really need to do a deep dive into the dollars we spend.

2.  What do we need to do to improve Rhode Island’s economy?

Our state needs to create jobs to grow the economy.  Unfortunately, CNBC has us ranked dead last for business and we have hovered at or near the bottom for many years. We are also at or near the bottom of several other lists from worst state to retire to worst state for roads and bridges depending on which organization you look at.  Several factors have led to this.  Burdensome regulations, high taxes, high utility costs and poor infrastructure all have played a role in this. This can only be fixed by cutting excessive business regulations, eliminating significant amounts of red tape that small businesses deal with every day.  We must compete with other states to attract business here and we are not doing so.  Tolling trucks only added to the poor business environment.  Clearly the Democrats are never going to get it. As long as we continue to have low rankings businesses will not want to come here as we can’t adequately compete with other states that have a much better business environment.

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